Yapei Chang 常雅培

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I will start as a Computer Science M.S./Ph.D. student at UMass NLP starting Fall 2022, advised by Mohit Iyyer with a research focus on natural language processing (NLP). I recently graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. During my undergraduate years, I was fortunate to have worked with Jamie Macbeth on Conceptual Dependency parsing, and Mohit Iyyer on literary evidence retrieval and improving text generation with a re-ranking model. Aside from research, I worked at Amazon as a full stack software developer intern from May to August 2021. I’m into gaming and guitar so I do related stuff whenever I’m free.

Other names I like to use: Ella, LILAKK, MOLOKK.


Feb 2022 paper on literary evidence retrieval to appear in ACL 2022
May 2021 fullstack SDE internship at Amazon, Seattle


  1. ACL
    RELiC: Retrieving Evidence for Literary Claims
    Thai, Katherine B.,  Chang, Yapei, Krishna, Kalpesh, and Iyyer, Mohit
    Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 2022
  2. ACS
    A Broader Range for ‘Meaning the Same Thing’: Human Against Machine on Hard Paraphrase Detection Tasks
    Macbeth, Jamie C.,  Chang, Yapei, Chen, Jingyu Gin, Hua, Yining, Grandic, Sandra, and Zheng, Winnie X.
    Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS), 2020
  3. RankGen: Improving Text Generation with Large Ranking Models
    Krishna, Kalpesh,  Chang, Yapei, Wieting, John, and Iyyer, Mohit
    Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS), 2022