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  1. EMNLP
    RankGen: Improving Text Generation with Large Ranking Models
    Krishna, Kalpesh,  Chang, Yapei, Wieting, John, and Iyyer, Mohit
    , 2022
  2. ACL
    RELiC: Retrieving Evidence for Literary Claims
    Thai, Katherine,  Chang, Yapei, Krishna, Kalpesh, and Iyyer, Mohit
    May, 2022


  1. ACS
    A Broader Range for ‘Meaning the Same Thing’: Human Against Machine on Hard Paraphrase Detection Tasks
    Macbeth, Jamie C.,  Chang, Yapei, Chen, Jingyu Gin, Hua, Yining, Grandic, Sandra, and Zheng, Winnie X.
    Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS) May, 2020